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We have the selection – and you have the choice
Make use of the possibilities which make our emFABS unique: Serial numbers, fluorescing thread or refinement with scent, sponsoring and logo pressing…
7-digit serial numbers for even more security
Your emFABS will be supplied with up to 7-digit serial numbers if you wish. Ideal for:

VIP protection
singles parties
emFAB with serial number
  Up to 7-digit serial numbers
Fluorescing threads – the comeback of the '80s
Information woven into the band that way is only visible unter UV light. But there it shines in bright colours. Use it simply as an eye catcher or as an additional security feature. emFAB with fluorescing threads
  Fluorescing thread
What’s that nice scent?
Your emFABS! For they can also smell. For example after your new men’s fragrance or your sponsor’s latest cosmetic collection. Flower :-)
  Ah, that smells nice!
We become your sponsor
If you have our logo woven into your emFABS, you can save money. Let us make you an unrestistable offer! emFAB with sponsoring logo
  With emFABS logo
Leave a mark
We will provide the press for your event, of course – from 50.000 pieces on you will even have the option to have the press engraved with your logo which will be stamped into each fastener. That certainly will leave a lasting impression. Fastener with logo
  Personal stamp possible from 50.000 pieces on
First choice in quality and service
As you see, apart from highest security, emFABS offer a great variety of possibilities to provide your event with an individual touch. We would like to advise you to make the right choice and we look forward to realizing your requests.
Colour & variety
emFABS set no limits to your imagination – see for yourself:
Samples of emFAB variety